Fervent Week 6


Girls we are so close to victory.  I love how even though I’ve walked with God for a many years, He continues to show His love for me by showing me new things through this study.  I pray that you are seeing the same changes in you that I am seeing.
He loves us so much.

Before we get going, I’d like to congratulate Marci for winning this week’s prize!  Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win…I have one more chance to win a prize!

Strategy 7: Your Purity
I don’t know about you, but when I read that this week’s chapter was about “purity” well, I honestly thought, “I don’t need to read this!  I’m married, I don’t have to worry about keeping myself pure!”  As I pressed through the chapter anyway, I quickly realized that “purity” if FAR from limited to staying sexually pure before you get married.
It DID remind me of a time where I was doing and watching shows that did not encourage my walk with Christ.  Several years ago we had a couple who Jason and I were praying for because they were struggling so badly in their marriage.  Infidelity and lies had torn their love story of decades apart and we decided to pray for them.  One night, I sat down to watch a popular prime time show (see, I told you it was a long time ago…I had time to sit down and watch an adult show!!!) when the story line moved to one character deciding to have an abortion, two other characters having an adulterous affair at work, and two women experimenting with each other.  It was then, I felt God drop in my spirit, “You’re praying against ALL of these things for your friends, yet you are pouring these very sins into your heart in the name of entertainment.”
I was heavy with conviction.
God was right.
How could I storm the throne room expecting reconciliation for our friends, when I was spending an hour with the very things I was believing for redemption for them?
We all have our “things.”  Our pet sins.  The behaviors, that we rationalize as “not that bad.”  But in fact, they are the very things keeping us from total and complete victory.

I love this on page 128: “It’ll be God Himself building up strength at your core, enabling you by His resurrection power to passionately pursue righteousness.” 
Yet again, Christ fights for us.  “His purity and holiness changing your heart until it comes through as purity and holiness in action.”

Strategy 8:  Your pressures:
How I wish I had a button on myself that I could press for “rest.”  I admit, I try to solve everyone’s problems.  Take on too much.  Get overwhelmed because I can’t sit still.  I feel if I’m not in motion, then I’m being lazy.  How I ache to be able to sit down and watch a show with my girls and just be.  But, when I do, the whole time my mind is racing a thousand miles an hour of all the things I need to do.  All the while, they are growing up right in front of me.

Lysa Terkeurst wrote a beautiful book called “The Best Yes.”  It’s here that she talks about the same thing Priscilla mentions on page 137 called “the rhythm of rest.”  Soon our “good” things can become “god” things and we are held captive to them.  Held fast in a prison that yet again, only we have the key to.  When will we learn that what Galatians 5:1 says is true?!  I love The Message version: Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.”
That “anyone” sometimes is our own self…

So when someone asks us for something or we feel pressure to decorate, to perform, to display, to volunteer, to lead, to entertain…to quote another author I love, Jen Hatmaker, if we can’t answer with a loud and confident “Hell, yes!” then the answer is “no.”
Don’t forget to give your own self some grace.


For Week 7, let’s finish strong and read the last two strategies; Strategy 9: Your Hurts and Strategy 10: Your Relationships.  Please don’t be afraid of digging deep into Strategy 9.  As God reveals past hurts, allow Him to love on you and heal you in a way only He can. Remember, He wants you free.

Strategy 10 talks about Your Relationships.  Is there any relationship in your life that needs mended?  Can you see an area where the enemy is trying to steal, kill, and destroy you through division with someone else?  Write these names or situations down and pray scripture over them.  The enemy wants us to be divided, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant.

Ladies, I’m so, so thankful for you and that you have chosen to walk this journey with me.  You all are so very precious to me!





Fervent Week 5


Hello Fervent ladies!  How are you doing?!  I don’t know about you, but the sunshine has me itching badly for spring.  I am SO glad that fat little groundhog did not see his shadow!  C’mon spring!

How are you all doing?  I hope you are gleaning as much as I am from these readings.  I feel a holy confidence each time I’m faced with an attack of the enemy.  Not only am I able to identify his schemes, I am able to label them and pull out my best defense, God’s word, to send him running.  I’m so thankful.

Let’s get started with Strategy 5: Your Past.  I mentioned last week that even if you don’t have a crazy or trauma filled past, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to struggle in this area, and it doesn’t mean that God can’t use you.  You may think, “Ah, I don’t have a testimony.  God didn’t deliver me from drugs or an abusive relationship, etc.  There’s nothing special about me.”  That’s not true!  God can take anything and make it a beautiful testimony.  Just like the enemy can take anything and abuse you with it.  I LOVE on page 98 where she says, “His glory comes from creating people of purity and spiritual passion who once did things like that.  Like we’ve done.  Like you’ve done.  Like I’ve done.”  So whatever he accuses you of, turn it around on the enemy and say, “Thank you for reminding me of ALL that God has done for me.  And for reminding me of how wonderfully deep God loves me!”  God makes ALL things new.  Such a beautiful truth.

Strategy 6: Your Fears.  Oh boy.  I think this is a big one for all moms.  We check on our babies and watch them sleep.  Sinking low to watch for movement behind their closed, sleeping eyelids or for the rise and fall of their backs.  We read books and articles online for how to best care for these little people and our prayers are ones of protection over their lives.  Even as they get older.  They may change, but sometimes our fears for them never do.
Risk is a scary venture.
Jason and I have taken risks before.
Some proved to turn out for our benefit.
Others…not so much.
But from each experience, we’ve learned so much.
I love this quote:

fall fly

from beartsybehappy.tumblr.com

I could literally cry thinking about God speaking this over us.
Fear puts us in a prison.
A prison that only we have the key to.
The enemy has us here, recycling fears of a child dying or of failing or of looking ridiculous, or no one showing up, or… or… or.  He has no authority to keep us there.
Yet here we are.
Fear; it’s not of God.
He’s behind us, pushing us, nudging us, encouraging us…to, like Psalm 34:8 says, to taste and see that He is so, so good.
When I decided to share my blog with people after over two years of just keeping it to myself, I was terrified.
I was afraid of what people would think of me, if anyone would read it, if it was a waste of time.  The enemy’s voice was so loud in my mind.
I have felt such freedom since I decided to share my blog.  So, whether or not people read it, Christ has set me free through it!
I have felt a deliverance from my own prison of what people think of me.
A confidence that can only come from Christ.


Next week, we tackle Strategy 7: Your Purity and Strategy 8: Your Pressure.  As you read Strategy 7, think about ways that the enemy distracts you and where God may be calling you specifically to be holy.  Is there an area you are struggling?  She says on page 123 that “Separation.  That’s what sin creates.” Is there an area where you haven’t fully handed over to God?  He wants us to.  He has SO much for us.
Last, Strategy 8, Your Pressures.  Oh my.  We put so much on ourselves.  Here we learn that a “good thing can quickly become a god thing.”  Do you take a Sabbath?  I challenge myself and you to simply take a rest.  We deserve it.  God wants to spend time with us.

How bout another giveaway?!  Comment with our discussion questions or for what you took away from this week’s readings for a chance to win a prize!



Fervent Week 4


We are half way through!  Can you believe it!?  This book has so many wonderful truths I feel like I can’t read it slow enough.  How have you been doing?  Are you finding it difficult to squeeze in the readings?  Or are you having a difficult time stopping?!  Either way, hang in there!  I found it is good to pace myself so I can simmer in what God is speaking to me that week.  When I’m reading a good fiction book I find I finish reading it only to have forgotten chunks of what I read!  I guess I get to reading so fast, I miss key information.  We aren’t in a race, so soak it all in!  If you are finding it difficult to get reading at all, maybe you haven’t started with Chapter 1, don’t beat yourself up.  This study will be posted on my blog until Jesus returns or the Internet crashes!  Feel free to come back to it in the future, maybe in a time or season that you feel you are ready.  If you have started, and are behind, pick up with us this week!  No condemnation!!

Let’s get going.  This last week we focused on Strategies 3 and 4 which tackled our identity and our family.  Can I just say, that reading these two chapters made me so angry!  It’s like a spotlight was shown on all the small, seemingly insignificant ways, the enemy tries to destroy us.  But they are far from insignificant.  Satan wants us to think they are insignificant.  He wants us to brush them away like annoying little gnats, complain about how annoying they are, and really do nothing about them.  The fights between our family members, the thoughts of irritation, the moments of self doubt, and the ideas of discontent all add up to one big victory for the enemy in the war he is waging against our heart, mind and soul.

There was so much goodness in these two short chapters, but here’s what I gathered from Strategy 3:

“If he can get you to believe his lies, you won’t feel equipped or entitled to stand up against him” which will cause me to be less effective in my “influence as a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, a sister.”  Every facet of my life is affected when I believe the lies of the enemy and not the truth of what God says about me.

Each time I believe that I’m not good enough, not smart enough, I’m a terrible mom, a lukewarm Christian, an inadequate wife, fat, lazy, a terrible friend…I am sealing my own coffin.  I am less effective and the enemy has won.  All of those things I listed about myself are contrary to what God thinks about me, don’t line up with His word and are lies from the enemy.  Because, “NO MATTER what is against you, it is no match for the power and authority He’s given you access to.”

Why do we keep allowing the enemy to have so much power in our lives?!  It’s a mystery.  One that must be stopped.

Strategy 4, Family, is an area where the enemy is really working hard on in my life.  As I was reading this chapter I physically shouted “YES!” multiple times to the book!!  on page 74 she says “He (Satan) targets our role as wives, targets our husbands, and targets our children.  He brings dissension, infuses tension, unravels our sense of peace with disunity.”  Um, can I say especially right before church?!  And our favorite, days when Jason is getting ready to minister.  Oh, boy.  Nothing like a knock down drag out fight right before we are to walk out the door to church.  One can’t find their shoes, one spills cereal all over the place, two are fighting, I can’t find the keys, the dog gets loose…it all adds up to a nuclear meltdown.  So much for preparing our hearts to receive what God has for us.  Satan has us defeated before we even get started.

On p. 77 she points out”…when the nitpicking turns into bickering; the bickering into outbursts; the outbursts into rude, below the belt unkindness and bitterness; the bitterness into slow, seething pullbacks of silence and isolation” which leads us to “all of you going to your own rooms-disconnected, disjointed and fragmented.”

I encourage you to check this video out.  It was sent to me by one of our participants and it is SO good!  It is Lincoln Brewster’s “Made New” and it goes perfectly with what we’ve learned this week.  My prayer is that we can identify the tactics of the enemy so when we start to feel overwhelmed with his lies we can combat them with God’s truth!


This week we will read Strategy 5 Your Past and Strategy 6 Your Fears.
Even if you don’t have a tumultuous or storied past, that doesn’t mean you get off scot free from the enemy in this area.  He can take anything from your past and use it to kill, steal and destroy you.  I’m encouraging you to each time your past, whether it be something you’ve done or something you’ve said in anger, to apply Isaiah 43:16, 18-19 to it and allow God’s healing and grace to remove that situation.

In Strategy 6, Your Fears, take some time here and allow God to minister to you about even the smallest of fears that you may be carrying around.  I love when she says that when the Israelites were crossing the Red Sea, God told them ‘Do not fear!’  He didn’t tell them, ‘Do not feel fear.’  “He knew they would feel fear, but He was telling them not to wallow in it.”  So good.  Is there an area where you feel overwhelmed with fear?  The unknown?  The probably never gonna happens?   God has much to give you in this chapter.  Savor it like a good meal.  He’s here for you!

Ladies, as always, I have much love for you.  I am so grateful for the comments you are sending me.  Please know that I am covering you all in prayer each day.  I’m praying that the Holy Spirit is speaking to you and is giving you new revelation about areas God wants to set you free.  Don’t forget to share your thoughts and prayer requests if you feel led to.  Here’s to a victorious week!



Fervent Week 3

Well, praise the Lord!  We survived Snowmaggedon 2016!  Jonas was brutal, but we have emerged victorious!  How did your reading go?  Hopefully you were able to complete Strategy 1: Your Passion and Strategy 2: Your Focus.  Thank you for those of you who shared your thoughts and scriptures!

You know what jumps out at me as I’m reading about these different strategies?  I hate the enemy!  He is so sneaky, so conniving, so manipulative.  I just hate him more and more each day.

So, now that I’ve established that…let’s dig in. 🙂
Here’s where she introduces a way to frame our prayers.  I use something similar to her P.R.A.Y model.  I learned it from a church camp I grew up in and it’s called ACTS. A-Adoration, C-Confession, T-Thanksgiving, and S-Supplication.  Notice you love on God twice here, by adoring Him and then thanking Him.  Not until the very end do you ask Him for anything.

Some things that jumped out at me was on page 28 where she outlines the difference between “condemnation” and “conviction.”  She made it clear that GOD convicts, so we can turn things in our life around.  Satan, who is a full time accuser, condemns.  He brings shame and guilt and bondage.  Being able to realize that difference the next time I start to feel it will be HUGE in winning my battle against his tactics.

Page 51 jumped out at me where it says, “so you can see when the devil is behind the argument, the frustration, the anger, the discord, the falsehood, the insecurity, the fear.  Ask Him to help you take your attention and emotional energy off the people and the circmstances…and refocus them on the real enemy.”  This has been a real challenge for us as we rush headlong into raising, for the first time, a pre-teen.  Jesus, take the wheel.  Emotions are high as hormones rage on.  Sometimes I feel like I legitimately need to lay hands on my oldest and cast a devil out of him.  He can go from sweet to psycho in like negative 3 seconds.  As I was reading this chapter, I said out loud, “Max is not the enemy!”
Like some light bulb had gone off in my head!
A true spiritual revelation.
Thank you Holy Ghost!

I’d like to share with you a link to a powerful prayer I heard from a woman named Wendy Blight.  I heard her speak this summer and by the end of her presentation I was exhausted both physically and emotionally.  SO much knowledge and truth.  She shared with us how to pray on the Armor of God.  I try to pray this over my kids every day.  Check it out…you won’t be sorry.

We are gaining some serious ground here!
Realizing his tactics of our demise will empower us to target him and send him running.


Next week dig in to Strategy 3: Your Identity and Strategy 4: Your Family, both BIG ONES for me personally.  As you read Strategy 3, look for ways that the enemy has attacked your identity.  Is this your Achilles heel?  Has he crept in through innocent ways and caused comparison to overwhelm you?  One way he used to get me was through Facebook.  Oh boy.  Facebook is not a bad thing.  We don’t need to “bind Facebook in the name of Jesus” but YES, it can be a tool the enemy uses to shape your identity as you compare yourself with others on your newsfeed.  It can ruin a day, a relationship, very quickly.
Be specific.  Where has the enemy targeted you in shaping your identity that is contrary to what God says about you?

Strategy 4 is beyond major for me.  I’ve already mentioned that we are going into new waters raising our first pre-teen.  The enemy has a MAJOR field day with the tender relationships in our house because of the tone that is set by raging hormones.  On page 78 she tells us to “GET SPECIFIC” about how and where the enemy is attacking you in this area.  Call them out.  Get prayer for them.  Lay them before the cross.  Is it with your spouse?  Your children?  Or other family relationships?  Share them if you will so we can bind together in the name of Jesus for our families.

Share your responses and thoughts in the comments section.  I love hearing what’s on your mind.

Notice our new “prayer request” button!  If you ever have a prayer request, fill out the form.  All requests will be kept in confidence and prayed for daily.

OH!  Congrats to Kelli for winning our first drawing! 
You’ll be receiving a beautiful prayer journal in the mail! 
More prizes coming your way!

I’ll be praying for you all this week!
I am so thankful for you all and I pray a blessing over your life in Jesus name!


Fervent Week 2

Hey Fervent girls!  How did your week go?
Did you get your book in?
Your reading completed?
I hope so!  If not, don’t fret and give up!  That is exactly what the enemy wants.  He wants you defeated before you even begin.  He may have already whispered to you, “See?  You are so pathetic you can’t even start a book study!  What makes you think you can finish it if you can’t even read the first two chapters?!  Nothing is going to change with you, so why even bother.”

Here’s what I say to that.
You.  Are.  Not.
The enemy is pathetic.
He is a liar and will do and say anything to get and keep you discouraged.
Remember to frame everything you think  when it doesn’t line up with God’s word with the fact that the ONLY thing the enemy is good at is stealing, killing and destroying.

So, pick up your book and pick up with us where we are now.  No condemnation!

I have thought of you all all week long and I have prayed for each and every one of you!  Be encouraged as we move into week 2!

The first two chapters are pretty introductory and set up the rest of the book for us but they are so full and rich of good stuff!  Page 13 talks about the armor of God.  What we need to put on everyday to withstand the enemy.
Two things I noticed about this:
-everything we put on covers our front-shield, breastplate, sword…which tells me that we are to go AFTER the enemy.  To be ready for him and attack him.
-there isn’t any material or armor covering our back…because Gods got it.
I LOVE THAT!  God is literally saying to us, “I gotchya back man!”

Did you find a particular strategy that the enemy knows is your Achilles heel?
Mine personally tends to be Identity and my Family.  It’s here that I get discouraged the most.  But from here on out, I’m claiming that in my weakness, Christ is going to be made strong!

Were you able to identify a “prayer warrior” in your life?  Someone who stood in the trenches for you?  Mine has definitely been my mom.  I know that her prayers over my life has kept God’s hand on me when I was not living as I should.  She has a precious group of girlfriends who were all as 2nd mothers to me.  In a sense, I had not only a prayer warrior, but my own personal army!  I am forever grateful for their obedience, love, and determination for God.

The part that jumped out at me this week was the author’s sweet grandmother and her “standing appointment” with Jesus.  I love that! Like most of us have hair and nail appointments that we wouldn’t dare miss…her appointment is daily at the foot of the cross.  I love that.  Lord help me be as faithful!!


This week we will be moving into Strategy 1 (Passion) and Strategy 2 (Focus) pages 25-54.  As you read these two chapters focus on these things:
She poses the question, “Have you lost your passion?  Has your get-up-and-go simply gotten-up-and-gone”?  (I think that’s a country song…) 🙂
Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions anymore?  That nothing is going to change, so why bother?
Find a scripture that speaks to your heart on pages 35-37 (or find your own!) and make it yours.  Notice that a lot of them are promises.  God has always loved us!
Post your scripture all over the house.  Make it your lock screen on your phone!  Comment below and post your scripture  and I’ll make you a graphic so it’s pretty and I’ll use those posts to draw for a prize!  Eeeeek!

As you read Strategy 2, Focus, are you able to notice a pattern in where the enemy steals and destroys your focus?   Whenever you notice yourself getting frustrated or distracted in that area, call it for what it is.  Say out loud, “I will not let Satan’s otherworldly forces wreak their havoc in this house, in this heart, on this day!!” (p.48)

Girls, thank you so much for doing this with me.
You are loved, cherished and highly favored by the God of the universe.
He has amazing things for you and your life.
Just don’t grow weary.
The enemy has already lost!!!
So won’t you take a victory lap with me?
Let’s do this life as the champions that we are!


Fervent Week 1


Reagan and I were walking to the car from pick ups on Friday and our conversation always flows easily, so this time was no different. He was recapping his day, what he ate for lunch, a classmate’s mom was going to have a baby, no one at their table had to “clip down” for bad behavior, etc.  Then, with a tone marked with sadness and a little bit of anger, he said, “and in counseling we were talking about viruses, sickness, flu shots, staying well during cold and flu season and the teacher asked the question, ‘What do you do when you get sick?’ and you know what I said mom?  I raised my hand and said, “I know, you pray!” and do you know what someone said?  Someone said, “That doesn’t always work.” I didn’t like that answer mom.  It made me mad because prayer does work. I didn’t argue with them though because some people just can’t have their mind changed.”

Two thoughts went through my head…1) I was glad my son’s first line of defense for even the flu is prayer. 2) I was sad that at 8 years old, the enemy is working to cause doubt in him and those around him. 

I don’t consider myself a powerful pray-er.  I do however pray a lot and over the years I have realized that I’m a conversational pray-er.  That I talk to God all day long about the seemingly insignificant.  I don’t have a prayer closet, unless you count the shower, I inconsistently keep a prayer journal, and I’ve never held a prayer vigil for hours on end (my attention span can’t deal with that).  But I know it’s important and I think that’s a good starting point.

So, are your ready?  This week we will read pages 1-24, “This Means War” and “Opening in Prayer.”  As you are reading keep these discussion questions in mind:

This Means War:
page 5 says that “He created prayer as a primary way of putting us into personal contact with Him…any hour of the day or night.”  How does that make you feel?

Have you ever realized that you have an enemy?  That you are engaged in a “war”?  A “fight for your life”?  Or have you always chalked bad things and misfortune up to bad luck or happenstance?  Are you ready to change the trajectory of your life and your family’s?  I am.

Opening in Prayer:
Here she mentions the strategies that the enemy uses most often to do what he does best; steal, kill and destroy us.  Is there a strategy that is your weak point?  More than one?  Write it (or them) down and lay that area before God as a target you want to focus on during this study.  I know I have several strategies Satan uses against me.

Also, Priscilla speaks of her grandmother as her”prayer warrior.”  Do you have a person like that in your life?  Who is it?  Do they know how important they are to you and where you are now?  Could you tell them?  If so, spend this week writing them a letter or make a phone call to express your gratitude.

What was your favorite part or what jumped out at you in these two chapters?


You have all week to read and answer the discussion questions.  Share your answers here on the blog if you are comfortable.  If not, answer them and keep them close to your heart.  Be as participatory as you like!  Most importantly, be honest with yourself and with God (He already knows 😉 and know you are in a judgment free zone.  We as sisters are all in this together.  We MUST be there for each other because as you’ll read, we have a real enemy.  We CANNOT be against each other.   Feel free to post prayer requests here as well.  We have a beautiful group of all ages, experiences and backgrounds doing our study and our community is one that will do mighty things for the Lord!

I’m SO honored and excited to be doing this with you all !
Thank you so much for signing up!


Streams of consciousness and an exciting announcement!

I think I’m suffering from a self diagnosed disease called DCLD.  It’s serious really.  No medication for it either.  It stands for “Disney Cruise Line Depression.”  It’s where you think about soft serve ice cream, crystal clear waters, three men who wait on you hand and foot, parties till midnight…all the time.  *SIGH*  Seeing my room dirty wouldn’t be as hard if I knew Rajan was coming soon to make my bed and give me monkey inspired towel art.

I really love Homestead Creamery Egg Nog.  If you are a fan of the nog and have never tried it…oh boy.

I read two books over break.  One was a Nicholas Sparks book called “See Me.”  I LOVE his books.  They are SO predictable, but I really love their charm.  I was not a fan of this book though.  Too long.  Way too many details.  I got lost sometimes in the plot line.  I’m blaming his divorce from his wife.  Who, like a true gentleman, very tactfully acknowledged in the back.  Nice move Nicky!

This break we made lots of forts, colored, drew, read a crap ton of Dora the Explorer and Frozen books, watched even more Phineas and Ferb, and ignored chores.  I mean really, when Ellie looks at you and says, “You hold me?  On da cowch?  Pweese?” you really can’t say no…

We closed out the 2015 like a bunch of old people.  Ellie and Phoebe were the first to crap out.  Once the ball dropped…so did we.

We reviewed our goals and surprisingly the kids kicked our butts.  Ellie grew with flying colors, Phoebe took care of her dolls, Reagan rode a dirt bike and Max took 5 pictures in 5 interesting places.  Between the four of them, out of the 17 goals they set, only two were unmet!  Go kids!
Jason and I…well, we didn’t do so hot.  2016 is starting off strong though!

One really cool thing I just realized the other day was a goal Jason and I set together.  We decided that we didn’t dream anymore.  Not like the episodes that play while we sleep, but the BIG God sized ideas that we get that can only come from Him.  We lost our ability to dream.  That made us sad.  So we decided last year that we were going to start dreaming and believing God for God sized things.  So we went on this cruise right?  A cruise that we’ve talked about for YEARS doing and never followed through.  The name of our ship?  The Disney DREAM.  WHOA!  So cool…
Goals have been set for this year and we are super excited for what God has in store for our family.

Which leads me to a new exciting thing I’m starting NEXT week on the blog.Phonto  I wanted to do another book study but I know the weather can kind of put a wrinkle in things.  Even if you aren’t a typical book study or Bible study kind of person, give this a try.  Even if you want to read along with us but silently sit on the other side of the screen…that’s okay!  You can be as participatory as you want!
Priscilla Shirer is such an amazing person with a huge wealth of knowledge.  In this book she will guide us through how to pray powerfully through every facet of our lives.  Prayer is such an important part of our lives.
It’s our communication mode with the God of the universe!
It changes things.
It can change us.
Here’s how it will work.  Starting January 11th, for eight weeks, we will have a reading assignment each week.  Each week I will post the upcoming week’s readings along with discussion questions.
There will be prizes too!!!  Eeeeekk!!
So go on!   Just find the book on Amazon, Walmart, or any christian book store and sign up for the book study!  You’ll be glad you did!!
Click the link below to sign up!
Here’s to 2016 being full of power and love and authority!